Through shelter, we empower.

We are now accepting applications for the next Habitat Homeowner! Do you fit the guidelines? Are you willing to partner? Check out this flyer and see if you qualify! Stop by our office at 2004 Hwy 101 to pick up an application.

Florence Habitat partners with families who need a safe, affordable place to live. Each family has their own story and needs vary with each partnership. Once selected, we work with each family in depth to help them be successful, long term homeowners.

We partner with individuals and families from application through construction, to when the keys are handed over. We help with education on the various responsibilities of homeownership, person finances, mortgages, maintenance and upkeep of homes, and so much more. We develop a personal relationship together because in the end, we want our families to be successful.


We celebrate every victory, together.


You may qualify for a housing need if:

  • You have lived or worked within the Siuslaw Fire District for one year or more.

  • You have been unable to qualify for homeownership through conventional means.

  • You are willing to partner with Habitat for Humanity.

  • Your current housing is inadequate, unsafe, overcrowded, transitional, or unaffordable.

  • Your household income does not exceed 80% of the current median income.


After you are approved and selected, you must be willing to partner with Florence Habitat through sweat equity hours, paying an affordable mortgage, and participating in education workshops.

Benefits of Homeownership

  • Increases graduation rates,

  • Increases children’s good health.

  • Increases family’s net worth.

  • Reduces health problems.

  • Builds self esteem and self worth.

  • Creates a healthy network in the community.

  • Frees up family resources.

If you would like more information about how to apply for homeownership through Florence Habitat for Humanity, please fill out the form below.

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