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Florence Habitat's Used Building Materials Store


OPEN 9:00 - 5:00 (Wedneday through Saturday).

Store located at 2016 Highway 101.


There are more than 550 Habitat ReStores in the United States. Some in small communities are limited in size, while others in large cities are "big box" size. All connect to their local Habitat affiliate and all have the same mission. When people think of Habitat they think of volunteers building affordable homes for low income families. They also believe that when they have new or reusable building materials, donating these items will directly help Habitat build homes. Most of the time these donations are not usable in a Habitat home, but, if sold at ReStore, would provide a source of income for the Habitat affiliate, a source of bargain-priced materials for others to improve their homes, and keep much good quality building material out of landfills.

Florence Habitat ReStore began to get organized in the Spring of 2006, opened in October of that year, and has been growing in size and sales ever since.

WHAT WE ACCEPT AND SELL                                      

Donations are the lifeblood of the ReStore program. In Florence, our main donors are homeowners who are remodeling and removing good quality materials that can be reused. Other donors are homeowners who have saved materials they "might" use someday and decide that they are not going to use them. We also have contractors who donate materials removed in remodels or who have an excess supply of new materials. We receive discontinued items and seasonal leftovers from retail outlets. In every case donors are pleased to support Habitat, and want to see their donations go to use, not waste.

You may drop off your donation any time ReStore is open, or you may call the ReStore manager Jack Armer at 541-997-5834 to arrange for a drop off at a more convenient time. He can also arrange for pickup of items too big or awkward to fit in your vehicle.

There are some things that ReStore cannot accept. These include appliances, gas-powered equipment, electronics (computers, monitors, etc), window treatments and old paint that should be disposed of during hazardous waste collection days. We also do not accept home furnishings, books, clothing, etc. These items are accepted at the Humane Society Thrift Store and the St. Vincent de Paul Store, organizations who also support worthy causes.

In a recent AARP newsletter, in the column YOUR MONEY -- SAVE A BUCK, the nation's Habitat ReStores were highlighted. "These nonprofit outlet centers sell new and used items at a fraction of normal price. So if they have what you need, you can save while aiding Habitat's mission..." Saving money is a big advantage. ReStore helps many to improve homes, rentals and vacation cottages when budgets are tight. ReStore's inventory is always changing. Many customers shop us every month.

ReStore is located at 2016 Highway 101. It is open 9:00 to 5:00 Wednesday through Saturday. There are three storage units filled with merchandise. For first-time customers, signs lead the way. Our schedule is included in the calendar section of the website and also available at ReStore. For any further information please call ReStore manager Jack Armer at 541-997-5834.

Protecting our environment and resources is a national concern, Conservation efforts focus on three areas -- the three R's.

REUSE: Many products have a lot of life left in them when an owner decides to discard them. Rather than go to landfills, clothing, household goods and building materials can go to thrift stores and ReStore for resale and reuse.

RECYCLE: Many products can be remade into the same product or something different. Most common products are paper, yard waste, motor oil, tires, plastic, glass and obsolete electronics parts.

REDUCE: For some this could mean simply owning less "stuff," or combining errands when driving, using energy efficient light bulbs or purchasing in bulk whenever possible.

Save natural resources, save energy, save clean air and water, save landfill space, save money and create jobs.

In Florence it is easy to take part in waste reduction. Check out the City of Florence web site at: www.ci.florence.us/recycling.cfm

Florence Habitat for Humanity
P.O. Box 3302
Florence, OR 97439

Phone: 541-902-9227
E-mail: Kate McBroom-Redwine


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